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We have come out with a boxes that had been used
regularly for the shipping, courier purposes.

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Board Grade

Single Wall Double Wall
Single wall (double face) corrugated board consist of on ply of flutted paper which is glued between two piles of paper or cardboard. Double wall corrugated board consist of two plies of fluted paper which are glued together by one ply of unfluted paper which are glued together by on ply of unfluted paper or card board and the exposed outer surfaces of which are each covered with on ply of paper or cardboard.
A Flute B Flute
Thickness: 5mm

A-Flute is the first type of corrugated cardboard invented. With 36-flutes/linear foot it is often used for wrap, cushioning or stacking.

Thickness: 3mm

Has 49-flutes/linear foot, and appears thinner than other types, but is strong, and is most often used for die-cut boxes, canned goods and displays.

BA Flute E Flute
Thickness: 8mm

BA flute is a combination of A-flute and B-flute, this board commonly used for heavier products and fragile goods.

Thickness: 1.5mm

Has 95-flutes/linear foot and is one-forth of the thickness of C-flute, E-flute is found in cosmetic boxes, glass and ceramic containers - and pizza boxes.


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